Release Notes#

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What’s new in v3.1.5#

(released 24/11/2023)

New Features#

  • Added driver colors for OWA, DEN, OSU

What’s new in v3.1.5#

(released 17/11/2023)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug that caused inconsistent behaviour in pick_fastest() in some cases were there was no lap that met the criteria for a fastest lap. Now, an empty Lap object will always be returned when there is no fastest lap. (Note that this will change in the future, see ‘Deprecations’ below (#476) (by @Casper-Guo)

  • Fixed a bug that prevented some sessions of the Las Vegas Grand Prix from being loaded (#481)


  • In cases were no lap meets the criteria for a fastest lap, pick_fastest() currently returns an empty Lap object. Starting from version 3.3, this will return None instead

What’s new in v3.1.4#

(released 26/10/2023)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug that caused add_driver_ahead() to only work with telemetry data that matches the sampling timebase of the car data (#430)

  • Improved robustness of the Ergast API parser to prevent crashes caused by some empty values in the API response (#433) (by @harningle)

  • Fixed: some laps that were generated by FastF1 had incorrect lap numbers

  • Fixed: pit out times from the lap onto the grid are no longer shown for the first lap of a race-like session. The first lap will only have a pit out time if a driver started from the pit lane or pitted on the formation lap. (#467) (by @Casper-Guo)

  • Improved robustness of the ‘f1timing’ schedule backend to prevent a crash caused by partially incorrect data for the schedule of the Qatar GP

  • Fixed: laps for all drivers were marked as inaccurate if the lap accuracy check could not be performed for one driver

New Features#

  • Added driver colors for VES, POU, HAD, DOO and BEA (#471) (by @pesaventofilippo)

What’s new in v3.1.3#

(released 07/10/2023)

Bug Fixes#

  • fixed a bug in the driver list parser that caused Piastri to be missing from the results in the 2023 Qatar Sprint Shootout (#460)

What’s new in v3.1.2#

(released 31/08/2023)

Bug Fixes#

  • temporarily restrict Pandas<2.1.0 due to unexpected API changes

What’s new in v3.1.1#

(released 29/08/2023)

Hotfix to correct incorrect package definition that prevented import of FastF1.

What’s new in v3.1.0#

(released 29/08/2023)

New Features#

  • Added additional circuit information that includes the location of corners, marshal lights, marshal sectors and the rotation of the track map. This data is available through fastf1.core.Session.get_circuit_info(). Also check out the new examples that show how to annotate your plots using this data. A huge thank you to @multiviewer ( for providing this information through MultiViewer’s API.

  • “SessionInfo” data from the F1 livetiming API is now available through fastf1.core.Session.session_info

  • Added driver colors for Shwartzman and Lawson (by @pesaventofilippo) (#441)

  • Various improvement to the Laps.pick_* methods to make it easier to select specific laps from Laps (by @Casper-Guo) (#376).

    New (no equivalent has existed before)

    New (these methods replace methods that only accepted single values; the new functions accept single values or lists of values)


    • pick_track_status() now has additional options for the how argument to exclude laps with a specific track status or match or exclude laps with one of multiple track status values.


  • greatly improved speed when parsing car data and position data

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed split_qualifying_sessions() returns incorrect result

  • Fixed incorrect calculation of results for Qualifying-like sessions (#429)

  • Fixed incorrect alignment of lap start/end times that causes shifted telemetry data when comparing laps and incorrect results for calculated grid positions (#440)

  • Fixed an unhandled exception in the lap timing parser that made it impossible to load data for the 2020 Miami Qualifying (#431)

  • Fixed incorrectly set lap start times after some red flag restarts

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent data loading in case of partially missing data


Other Changes#

  • Fixed some errors in the documentation (by @dawiddzhafarov, @RyanHaniff) (#439, #402)

  • Fixed some examples to no longer use deprecated arguments (by @wakamex) (#423)

  • Fixed an error in the SignalRClient example (by @erdieee) (#421)

  • Added a new team pace ranking example (by @Casper-Guo) (#420)