Release Notes#

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What’s new in v3.2.2#

(released 09/02/2024)

Bug Fixes#

What’s new in v3.2.1#

(released 05/02/2024)

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed a bug that caused timestamps of telemetry data to have (apparent) microseconds precision (even though this is not the case). As a result, merging position data and car data did not have a well matching timestamp index resulting in additional interpolated values. This problem only occurred in combination with recent versions of Pandas.


  • Various changes to address deprecations in Pandas.

What’s new in v3.2.0#

(released 07/01/2024)

New Features#

Bug Fixes#

  • Fixed incorrect lap number (zero instead of one) for generated laps that are added when a driver crashes on the very first lap

  • Fixed fastf1.core.Session.get_circuit_info() fails if the default resampling frequency for telemetry data is changed (#455)

  • Fixed multiple issues with the Ergast API interface that resulted in invalid request being made and consequentially no data being returned (#489, #494) (by @Lombardoc4)

  • Fixed missing driver information for drivers that did not start in a race (classified as DNS - did not start) (#447)

  • Fixed a regression introduced in v3.1.3 that caused the CountryCode to be missing from fastf1.core.SessionResults

  • Fixed a compatibility issued with Pandas v1.3.5