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FastF1 gives you access to F1 lap timing, car telemetry and position, tyre data, weather data, the event schedule and session results.

Main features:

  • Access to F1 timing data, telemetry, sessions results and more

  • Full support for Ergast to access current and historical F1 data

  • All data is provided in the form of extended Pandas DataFrames to make working with the data easy while having powerful tools available

  • Adds custom functions to the Pandas objects specifically to make working with F1 data quick and simple

  • Integration with Matplotlib to facilitate data visualization

  • Implements caching for all API requests to speed up your scripts

To get a quick overview over how to use FastF1, check out Getting Started or the Examples Gallery.

Note that FastF1 handles big chunks of data (~50-100mb per session). To improve performance, data is per default cached locally. The default placement of the cache is operating system specific. A custom location can be set if desired. For more information see Cache.

Have fun!


It is recommended to install FastF1 using pip:

pip install fastf1

Note that Python 3.8 or higher is required.

Alternatively, a wheel or a source distribution can be downloaded from Pypi.

You can also install using conda:

conda install -c conda-forge fastf1

Third-party packages

These packages are not directly related to the FastF1 project. Questions and suggestions regarding these packages need to be directed at their respective maintainers.

Supporting the Project

If you want to support the continuous development of FastF1, you can sponsor me on GitHub or buy me a coffee.

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Available Data

The following is a short overview over the available data with some references to functions and objects used to work with this data.

In most cases, the default workflow with FastF1 is to create a Session object using get_session(). You, will then access all data through the session object. One notable exception to this pattern is the wrapper for Ergast.

Overview over the available data




Event Schedule

event names, countries, locations, dates, scheduled starting times,… (previous and current season including upcoming events)

events get_event_schedule() get_event()


driver names, team names, finishing and grid positions, points, finishing status,…

SessionResults, DriverResult

Timing Data

sector times, lap times, pit stops, tyre data and much more

laps Laps

Track Status

flags, safety car


Session Status

started, finished, finalized


Race Control Messages

investigations, penalties, restart announcements,…



speed, rpm, gear, normalized track position, …

Telemetry get_car_data()

Track Markers

corner numbers, marshall sectors, marshall lights

get_circuit_info(), Circuit Information

Ergast API

all endpoints that are provided by Ergast

Ergast API Interface

Compatibility and Availability

Timing data, session information, car telemetry and position data are available from 2018 onwards. (This data is usually available within 30-120 minutes after the end of a session.) It is also possible to obtain this data by recording the data live stream, using the live timing recorder that is built into FastF1. Usually this is not necessary but there have been server issues in the past which caused the data to be not available for download. Recording of the data live stream is therefore mostly a solution for redundancy.

Schedule information and session results are available for older seasons as well, going back as far as 1950 (limited to data that is available through Ergast).


Questions, Contacting the Maintainer and Code of Conduct

For questions that may be of interest to the whole community, please use the Github Discussions section to ask for help. This includes general support questions.

In case of questions that you prefer to discuss privately, feel free to contact me via email at Any requests to this address will be treated with confidentiality, if desired. Do not use this email address for general support requests! Such requests will likely be ignored.

FastF1 has a Code of Conduct. Complaints about a perceived breach of this code of conduct should be sent to, in almost all cases. Please refer to the Code of Conduct, available through the main page of the GitHub repository (or click here), for information on how breaches are reported, how the Code of Conduct is enforced and what values FastF1 encourages.

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