Circuit Information

class fastf1.mvapi.CircuitInfo(corners, marshal_lights, marshal_sectors, rotation)[source]

Holds information about the circuit that is useful for visualizing and annotating data.

corners, marshal_lights and marshal_sectors are track markers that all use a similar DataFrame format. Each set of these track markers has the following DataFrame columns:

Columns: X <float>, Y <float>, Number <int>, Letter <str>, Angle <float>, Distance <float>

  • X and Y specify the position on the track map

  • Number is the number of the corner. Letter is optionally used to differentiate corners with the same number on some circuits, e.g. “2A”.

  • Angle is an angle in degrees, used to visually offset the marker’s placement on a track map in a logical direction (usually orthogonal to the track).

  • Distance is the location of the marker as a distance from the start/finish line. This value needs to be computed using car telemetry as a reference. It will therefore only be available, if telemetry data is loaded.


This data has been manually created and is not highly accurate but sufficient for visualization. A big thanks to MultiViewer ( for providing this data to FastF1.

corners: DataFrame

Location of corners.

(DataFrame format described above)

marshal_lights: DataFrame

Location of marshal lights.

(DataFrame format described above)

marshal_sectors: DataFrame

Location of marshal sectors.

(DataFrame format described above)

rotation: float

Rotation of the circuit in degrees. This can be used to rotate the coordinate system of the telemetry (position) data to match the orientation of the official track map.